Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of having a Christmas Calendar?

  • Increase brand recall
  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase brand awareness through word-of-mouth as contestants will likely invite friends to join and participate in the promo
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Introduce your products to new customers

    What do I need to prepare for a Christmas Calendar?

  • Questions with a single answer or multiple choices (maximum of 4). Questions can have a correct answer if you want a Quiz type Christmas Calendar. You could also choose to make your Christmas Calendar a survey type where there are no wrong or correct answers.
  • Prizes for each question – prizes must have images and descriptions. This is an optional item to prepare. You can choose to have a calendar that does not include prizes and winners.
  • Your Company Logo – this will be in the form of an image (vector or PNG).

    What do my visitors have to do to participate?

  • Register – your Christmas Calendar will have a registration functionality that will allow you to have a database of customers that participate.
  • Login – the login functionality will be required for your visitors. This will enable them to answer the question of the day and get a chance to win the prizes that you can customize.
  • Answer the Question of the day – after your users login, they will be redirected to a page that will display the main Christmas Calendar interface. This interface would be a list of dates from December 1 to December 24 displayed as boxes (or as we call them, doors). Users will then open the box of the current day to be able to answer the question of the day. Different default rules can be applied when opening doors.
  • Share – after they answer the question of the day, your visitors will have an option to share their experience in their network. Either through social networks or email.

    Can I customize the look and feel of the Christmas Calendar?

  • Absolutely! – You can do this by uploading background images and customized text or slogans for banners.
  • Most of the banners in the interface of the Christmas Calendar are dynamic; this means they can be turned on or off depending on your preference. Calendar backgrounds can be set to be random or unique for each day all done through the calendar administrator.

    How do I monitor users who joined the calendar?

  • All registered users, including the number of times they answered, and whether their answers are correct are stored in a database which can be accessed through the calendar administrator. You will also be notified through email whenever a registration or answer was made.

    Can I remind users to join the calendar again?

  • Yes, the calendar administrator can be configured to send email reminders to registered users to visit the Christmas Calendar again to increase their chance of winning any of the daily prizes.

    Can I draw winners using the system?

  • Yes, the calendar administrator will have a system to draw winners of your choice.

    Where is the Christmas Calendar hosted?

  • The Christmas Calendar will be hosted in our servers in the US. Bandwidth will not be an issue. You can also opt to have the Calendar hosted on your preferred server (minimum requirements are Apache, mySQL)

    What are the supported web browsers?

  • The Christmas Calendar supports Internet Explorer (7-9), Chrome(5-13), Firefox (4-6), Safari(4-5), Opera(10-11).

    You don’t have time to upload images and text yourself and still want a Christmas Calendar?

  • No Problem – we can upload your data for you as a support service from us. This comes along with the package when you get a Christmas Calendar.